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Japanese Festivals and Celebrations

This lesson uses depictions of festivals in Japanese art to examine the cultural emphasis on nature and the seasons.

Provided by Cleveland Museum of Art

The Gion Festival

One of the Three Great Festivals in Japan is the Gion Festival in Kyoto. The parade for this festival is probably the most beautiful and elegant procession in all of Japan. Learn more about the history and customs of the Gion Festival through an investigation of screens.

Provided by Kyoto National Museum

Japanese Dolls and the Doll Festival

Every year on March 3rd, Japan celebrates the Doll Festival (Japanese, Hina Matsuri). Until recently, Girls’ Day was also celebrated on March 3rd. On this day every year, families set up a special step-altar on which to arrange their Emperor and Empress dolls, called “hina” in Japanese. Compare altars and dolls to learn more about these annual celebrations.

Provided by Kyoto National Museum
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