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Detecting Tiny Details

Close observation helps students see tiny details in the Grip Enhancers (Menuki) with Rats. They will use these details to engage in different visual arts and movement activities. A video about mochi (one of the objects on the grip enhancers) and activities in Japan around making mochi rounds out the lesson.

Students will be able to:

List at least three details they see on each Grip Enhancers (Menuki) with Rats;
Make shapes out of clay based on shapes they see in the grip enhancers;
Describe how the Japanese villagers come together to make mochi and why it’s special for their New Year.

Provided by Denver Art Museum

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Lead funding for the Asian Art Museum’s TeachJapan is generously provided by The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.
Additional support is provided by Susan and Kevin McCabe.

Teach Japan was created in collaboration with the following arts organizations: